Bell peppers and consolidation are growing for IPR Fresh

Expansion of its bell pepper program and a growing consolidation service mark this coming season for IPR Fresh, which is based in Rio Rico, AZ.

Jose Luis Obregon, IPR president, said the firm markets for a Mexican grower of green and colored bells. “He will have more volume of colored and green bell peppers this year,” Obregon said. This season IPR’s pepper availability will run into mid-June. The firm started shipping bells in mid-September. As was the case with many Mexican commodities this fall, rain and overcast skies gave the bell pepper deal a slow start.

Jose Luis Obregon, president of IPR Fresh, Rio Rico, AZ.Also this season IPR is increasing its consolidation and brokering services. IPR’s message to potential customers is: “We have openings to all the major shippers here” in the Nogales area. “We have all the premium labels and the best products at reasonable prices. We can streamline their transportation program. In the past a buyer on the East Coast might have a truck stop at five or six houses. They don’t have to do that anymore. All they need is to come here. It’s more efficient and we have our team on the ground. We have bird dogs that go around that know the good labels and the quality at any given time.”

Obregon said, “There are so many (potential) customers out there. We like to have strong relationships with our customers and know their needs and supply them with what they need.”

He noted, “This summer we did the McAllen deal again. It was very successful for us. We strengthened the relationships we had before,” Obregon said. “It was very positive.”

IPR is moving ahead this fall without company founder — and family patriarch — Francisco “Pancho” Obregon. Pancho Obregon started IPR in 2002 and died of cancer on Sept. 17.

Of course, his sons Enrique, Alvaro and Jose Luis Obregon continue their work at IPR.

“We can say with his passing that the basis and foundation of the company he started are solid, with the ethics and experience he transmitted to us,” said Jose Luis. “We are moving forward with that in mind. We are using his experience, knowledge and advice. That would make him proud!”


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